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Mr. Mellor's class caters for children between the ages of 6 to 11 years old with social, emotional and behavioral difficulties.  They all have a personal education and behavior plan tailored to their individual needs, the national curricuum is adapted to suit the need of the learners within the resource base. All children have individual targets which are discussed three times a day for which they receive incentives if they are achieved. Many reward systems are used to promote positive behaviour​ and involvement in activities with many de-escalation strategies in place to alleviate possible triggers. The children are encouraged to integrate into the mainstream classes whenever and wherever possible.

There are 7 children who have access to the resource base, all spending variable amounts of time within it.

Pupils are evaluated through the PIVATS programme and progress is closely monitored. National curriculum subjects are followed but may be differentiated according to their individual needs. The children who work within the mainstream are also evaluated through school national standard evaluation books, assessments and tests.

The children have access to all aspects of school life, including assemblies, games, special events and outside trips.

There is close contact between the school and parents/guardians with diaries sent home daily concerning behaviour and academic tasks.
Further information can be found on the school's 'local offer' regarding all aspects of the resource base which can be located here or from our home page.
Local Offer


​Dougie is our school dog!  He comes to school everyday with Mr Mellor and stays in our classroom.​

Since Dougie was 8 weeks old he has been coming to school every day.  He is now 6 years old!

Dougie loves coming to school.  He loves interacting with people and he loves being around children.

We believe the children in school benefit from havng a school pet by developing a greater understadning of responsibilitiy and empathy.

Dougie has helped  many children through difficult times and he continues to be a valuble part of our school and class.  He is a great listener and he is able to give confidence to children when they may be stuggling with reading or sharing their feelings.

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This is Dougie

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Outdoor Learning Area
The children in Mr. Mellor's class frequently have the opportunity to develop their personal, social and emotional skills through the outdoor environment. There are a wide range of activities accessible to all children. Such activities include den building, adventure games and co-operative games. The children enjoy the time that they spend outdoors and this gives them the opportunity to express their imagination and gives the children autonomy over their own learning.


Relaxation Room
In the relaxation room the children in Mr. Mellor's class have the opportunity to access range of interactive educational games and programs. During the activities in the 'relaxation room' the children can develop their ICT skills whilst completing interactive activities on numeracy and literacy and other core Subjects. The children enjoy working in the relaxation room independently and with their peers.  The children also have to opportunity to use mindefulness meditation programs to develop their understanding and management of emotions. 

Developing Through Music

The children in Mr. Mellor's class have the opportunity to develop their personal, social and emotional skills through active participation in stimulating music activities.  All children in the resource base are provided with the opportunity to take part in musical activities such as an introduction to keyboard skills, introduction to guitar, composition work and expressive music. 

Access to musical activities, supports our children who sometimes find it difficult to express themselves in other social, day to day situations and can be used as a tool which allows the children to develop their confidence, self-esteem and take charge of their emotions. 

In our class, we also use music to make cross-curricular connections with:  Numeracy - counting and keeping the beat. Literacy - composition. Geography - Music from around the world


We encourage and promote regular exercise.  We hope our children learn the importance of exercising for a lifetime. 

Regular exercise helps to maintain a healthy body and healthy mind.  It is a postivie alternative to watching television, playing on phones, tablets and computers.  

Exercise can be a confidence builder that can help children discover new talents and interests.   Sport can be an excellent tool to develop disipline and the understanding of commintment.  Overcoming challenging situations is an important life skill that can be developed through sport.  

Exercise can ease stress, tension and anxiety.  Many children struggle to manage their feelings and physical activity is an excellent way to help deal with unwanted and negative thoughts.   Through sport we encourage cooperation and leadership skills. 

The social aspect of participating in sport is important to children along with developing an abilty to be a good loser and winner.   Some children struggle with communication and cooperative games develop this skill.

We always encourage physical activity and we include it across our curriculum at any opportunity. 


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