Staffing structure 2021-2022

Reception Miss Wilkes & Mrs Goodier
Year 1 Mr Pierce & Mrs Hartley
Year 2 Miss Pickston & Mrs Poynton
Year 3 Miss V Evans & Miss Jones
Year 4 Mr Paul & Miss Jones
Year 5 Miss Burgess & Mrs Willcox
Year 6 Miss Hansbury & Mrs Hansbury

Class 8 Mr Mellor, Mr Evans & Miss Sheridan

Staff responsibilities  2021/2022

Senior Leadership Team

Miss N Curphey                Head teacher Strategic planning/overview of curriculum   Safeguarding

Mr C Mellor                       Deputy head teacher/ SENCO/Resource Base Lead /Safeguarding

Miss E Hansbury                KS2 Lead

Miss E Wilkes                     KS1 Lead

Core Subjects

Mr T Paul      Maths

Miss E Hansbury     Literacy      

Miss E Wilkes S



Miss C Burgess    History and Geogrpahy  Lead        

Mr Pierce   PE and Computing

Mrs Maxfield  RE /Literacy /Numeracy learning support

Miss Olivia Fothergill Music

Mr Mellor Computing

Miss E Hansbury RSE

Teaching Assistants

Class 1 Mrs Goodier
Class 2 Mrs Hartley
Class 3 Mrs Poynton
Class 4 Miss Jones
Class 5 Miss Jones
Class 6 Mrs Willcox
Class 7 Mrs Hansbury
Class 8 Mr Evans and Miss Sheridan

Support Staff
Miss E Hetherington Office Manager
Mr. P Brookes Site Manager
Miss A Furnival Cleaner
Mrs. C Crisp Cleaner
Mrs S Turner Cook
Mrs. D. Walker Kitchen Assistant
Mr P Brooks Senior Midday Assistant
Mrs. B Wagner Midday Assistant
Mrs. C Crisp Midday Assistant
Mrs. J Dowdle Midday Assistant
Mrs S Bradley Midday Assistant