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 PAGE UPDATE: Sunday 21st March


Spring Break Viking Art and Design Challenge:

Make your own Viking Longship.docx 

viking boat 3.jfif 


Fruit photography.pptx 


brodie edit.jpg
Brodie's snowy scene edit from recently
 Kornel's colourful still life edit in school.
kornel funk.jpg 
 Max edits.jpg
Max's photo collage edits


Erin's wonderful work using photoshop


Suggested  timetable for school closure


suggested timetable for remote learning.docx


Suggested Reading for Year 5.pdf - A suggested Reading List for Year 5 texts...well worth a look. Here's the link to the website:

Year 5 Suggested Reading List



Oak National Academy.docx

Please encourage your child to spend 20 minutes every day reading and playing in 'studio' mode in tt rockstars. This will help fluency in both areas.

Additional ideas and activities for learning support:

Learning Support.docx 
















Topic + Scienc


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As we continue with our remote learning, our spellings are now being taken from the curriculum spelling list for Year 5 and 6. We will break them down into manageable chunks. Here, you will also find the links to the list and some handwriting sheets to accompany them:


Year 5 key spellings.pdf


Handwriting linked to Spelling.pdf



Year 5/6 Spelling Game to support the key word list






BBC Bitesize SPAG​




Spring Term - second half

This half term we will be looking at:

Word Probles involving time and money.

Dividing Fractions by whole numbers

Continuation of written methods for Multiplication and Division.

Developing our arithmetic skills every Friday.



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Daily 10 Maths Activities

Link to TT Rockstars!
TT Rockstars​


Our topics this half term:


Science: Lifecycles

RE: Introduction to Islam

In Science, much of this half term's topic will be taken from the National Oak Academy as we continue with remote learning.


We will share some of our work here as we go.



Making our own Ancient Greek theatre masks!




​​​Hall of Fame this week:

Week beginning: 25-01-21

Max- Creating Mood writing.jpg