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 PAGE UPDATE: Monday 18th January


Great effort with your Banksy work last week. This week, can we do the same, but on the subject of MARTIN LUTHER KING. Watch this week's assembly first for some ideas and then do a little bit of independent research each day. On Thursday and Friday, think about how you would like to present your findings and once you have completed your work, please send it over to me to read.


Suggested  timetable for school closure: Week beginning 18-01-21


If you have access to the zoom application on one of your devices and would like to take part in some poetry on Tuesday, please email me for the meeting ID. I am also aiming to do a little bit of maths on Wednesday in a zoom session. Hopefully see you there...


suggested timetable for remote learning.docx


Year 5/6 Curriculum Spelling List:year 5 key spellings.pdf

This is the whole list for your reference - we will be splitting them into groups of 5 to work through them. This list follows the children into Year 6.


This week's spellings are: attached...through to...bruise

You do not need to print this sheet in order to complete your handwriting- this can be done in your red exercise book. Try and do a little each day.

year 5 spelling and handwriting.pdf



Oak National Academy.docx

Please encourage your child to spend 20 minutes every day reading and playing in 'studio' mode in tt rockstars. This will help fluency in both areas.

This week's online learning schedule: 18-01-21

Please click on the link and complete each activity online. If you have any questions, please email me using the address in the welcome letter, or send me a message via the class facebook page.

This week, we will be working from an English booklet, titled 'One Chance'. I will direct you to the activity that I would like you to do each day and we will do some poetry together in our zoom session on Tuesday. This booklet is designed so that you can work independently, following the instructions at the top of each page.



Yr5 One Chance English unit.pdf




AM : English: In the booklet, please read page 2 and then have a go at completing the sentence level work on pages 3 and 4. These are titled 'The Downside'. The children have to think about things that they could wish for, but then use the conjunction 'however' to think of a downside to that wish- there are some examples on those pages for the children to follow.

AM2: Maths: Multiplying a 3 digit number by a single digit:

Multiplying by a single digit.pdf - these are organised in levels of difficulty. Please choose ONE set to complete (3 stars is the most challenging and the children will know what they are capable of achieving)

Multiplication support video - this should help the children go over the method that we have looked at in class. They can use this video for the first 3 days of this week.

PM: Independent research task for the week - Watch this week's assembly about Martin Luther King and begin to make some notes about his life - the powerpoint assembly is on the home page of the school website. Here are some additional links to start you off and you are welcome to find your own too.

National Geographic for Kids - MLK

MLK information for children - Ducksters

Another useful website - MLK

MLK Video Link




AM 1: Zoom Poetry session for those that can make it at 9:30. If you can't, please read pages 5 and 6 from the 'One Chance' Booklet. Use the examples given to think about making your own poems - one about 'The Mirror of Wishes' and one about 'The Mirror of Despair'.

AM 2 Multiplying 2 digits by 2 digits.pdf

Please use yesterday's video to familiarise yourself with the method used when multiplying a given number by a TWO digit number. Again, choose ONE set of calculations to complete - they are organaised by level of difficulty.

PM: Science: Lifecycles continued - including frogs

I would like the children to produce a diagram to represent the lifecycle of an insect OR an amphibian. Remember to use a pencil for your drawings and an ink pen for your labels - add some colour if you wish. Here are some support materials to help you...

Amphibian Life Cycle.pdf

Insect Life Cycle.pdf



Wednesday 20th January 2021 - Aiming to do a little ZOOM session at 10:30 and everybody is welcome - it will be our weekly arithmetic session.

AM1:English - Please read and listen to the story on pages 7-11 of this week's booklet. There is also a link to listen to the story below.  Please follow the story and fill in the 'I predict' section. I'd also like you to have a go at finding the definitions to the words in the table on pages 10 and 11 -think about the meaning of the words and if you are unsure, you can find their meanings by asking google. Please stop here though, as the work on synonyms is for Thursday.

Story: One Chance - follow the link to listen to the story too.


AM 2: Maths -  Please use the video link from day one to go through the written method for multiplying a 3 digit number by a 2 digit- we have done this in class too.



Multiplying 3 digit number by a 2 digit number.pdf  - There are 16 calculations here and the answers are attached for you to check your work.

PM: Music: Link to Mr Guitar's pre rcorded lesson Music lesson 2

name the note 3.docx




AM 1 English:  'One Chance' Please read pages 12-16 and complete the exercises. The first one is about synonyms and sorting the words in to the correct sections. Then I'd like you to use some of these words in your own sentences. We can end today's work by commenting on things you liked/disliked about the story. Please stop when you get to the section 'Closer Reading' on page 16. I have attched a powerpoint link to remind you of what synonyms are and a link to BBC Bitesize.


BBC Bitesize Video - Synonyms


AM 2 Maths - Multiplication continued...Multiplying 4 digit by 2 digit.pdf

PM: Religious Education. What are the 5 pillars of islam?

Independent Work: The Five Pillars of Islam Activity Sheet.pdf





 AM1 'One Chance' booklet. Read pages 16 and 17...'Closer Reading'. Read and respond to the questions - we are thinking about vocabulary used for how Jack and Sarah are described and also, the differences between the inside and outside. Next week, we will be planning for writing our own stories based upon the theme of WISHES.

AM2 Y5-Arithmetic-Full-Test-3.pdf

PM MLK reading comp.pdf 

Please complete LEVEL 2 (2stars). The answers are attached too. As a follow up, the children can complete some mindfullness activities related to MLK...if you can't print any of the attachements, why not download them and have a go at designing your own.

MLK 1.pdf MLK 2.pdfMLK 3.pdf





Topic + Science

 In the second half of the Autumn term, we are studying 'Wonder' by RJ Palacio.




spelling pic.jpg

As part of our recovery curriculum post lockdown, the second half of the Autumn Term will see us re-visit the key words from the Year3/4 curriculum. The sooner we recognise and learn these spellings and apply them in our own writing, the sooner we can move on to the Year 5/6 curriculum spellings.


Below is the link to the whole list and we will split them into manageable sections for our weekly spelling tests. There are also links to handwriting practice sheets to help with lead in strokes and joins.


Year 4 spellings list.pdf






BBC Bitesize SPAG​




Autumn Term second half.

This half term we will be looking at:

Geometry (Angles)

Geometry and Measures (Perimeter)

Fractions (Order, compare and equivalence)

Multiplication and Measures (Area)

Statistics and Measures (Time)

Continuation of written methods for Multiplication and Division.

Developing our arithmetic skills.

Link to TT Rockstars!

TT Rockstars​


Our topic this term is Ancient Greece.

greece flag.jpg

Greece Topic Overview.jpg


In Science, our topic is Earth and Space. We will be joiend by Mrs Schofield from the Primary Science Teaching Trust.




Making our own Ancient Greek theatre masks!







Extra Information


Our PE day will be on a THURSDAY.

Can the children come to school with their PE kit on for the whole day.


First session: 17-09-20








Year 5 Class Reminders


Homework and spellings are handed out on Friday. Homework should be back in school by Monday.

Spellings are tested on a Friday.