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Class Teacher : Miss Pickston.

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Poynton 


Autumn Term 1  



 To start this half term we will look at the story "Dont eat the techer" this dstory will allow us to explore and create out own classroom rules ready dfot display.


once settled bac into the school routine the rest of the halfterm will be spent look at sentence structure and the 4 different sentence types (Commands, statments, Exclamations and questions). The children will learn to recognise and create their own examples of these sentence types along with using the correct puncuation thats matches each sentence type.


The following Powerpoints/ activities may be helpul at home to support your childs learning.


types-of-sentences-powerpoint (1).pptx

year-2-functions-of-sentences-statements-questions-commands-and-exclamations-warmup-powerpoint (1).ppt


The children will also complete daily phonic activities and weekly guided reading sessions alongisde the writing sessions.


In Maths this half term we will start off looking at Place value of 2 digit numbers and partitioing numbers into tens and ones before moving onto look at addition and subtraction calculations.

we will also be looking at the TT Rock Stars games focusing on the 2s, 5s and 10s times tables (see usefull information for more details).

The following games will support our maths this term, click on the link to go directly to the game you wish to play.

paint the squares.jpg place value basketball.jpg hit the button.jpg 

Paint the squares                    Place Value Basketball              Hit the button


During the first half term we will be focuing alot on assessments and phonics prpearing the children for the phonic screening test they will complete just before christmas. alongside all of this the children will cover the following:

Geography- Magical Mapping- The children will learn about, use and draw a range of maps and symbols, follow and give instructions and use atuls to find a range of places using grid refrernces.

Art- Andy Goldsworthy- The children will be introduced to the artist Amdy Goldsworth, they will learn about his chosen art style and use a range of natural resources to create their own pieces of art in his style.

RE- Parables- This half term the children will look at the question- Why did Jesus tell stories? The children will  talk about how Jesus told story to teach everyone about God and the way God wanted us to live before being introduced to a range of these Parables including "The Lost Sheep" and "The Godd Samartain".

Music-singing- During this half term the children will complete weekly singing sessions with Mrs James

PHSE- Story- The huge bag of worries- the children will use the story the Huge bag of Worries as a startiing points for a range of discussions about how we deal with a range of different emoutions, the children will design their own worrie monster and take part ih a range of activities linked to mindfullness and relaxation.

Science- Plants- during science this half term the children will look at a rnage of flowers and trees and study them in their natural enviroment. the children will have the opertunity to observe and record different plants within outr school outdoor envirment beofre planting and watching their own seeds grow.



Dates to remember:

 Autumn term starts - Wesnesday 1st September 2021

School closes for half term- Friday 22nd October 2021

INSET-School cosed - Monday 1st Novemmber 2021

Back to school - Tuesday 2nd November 2021

School closes for Christmas - Tuesday 21st December 2021

INSET-School closed - Wednesday 22nd December 2021

Back to school - Wednesday 5th January 2022

School close for half term - Friday 18th February 2022

INSET- School closed - Monday 28th February 2022

Back to school - Tuesday 1st March 2022

School closes for spring break - Friday 1st April 2022

Back to school - Tuesday 19th April 2022

School closed for May day - Monday 2nd May 2022

Back to school - Tuesday 3rd May 2022

School closes for Whit - Friday 27th May 2022

INSET-School closed- Monday 6th June 2022

INSET-School closed- Tuesday 7th June 2022

Back to school- Wednesday 8th June 2022

School closes for summer- Thursday 20th July 2022


Useful Information

P.E Tuesday Afternoons and Thursday Morning - Children to come to school in thier Full PE kit and their school Jumper. PE this half term will be Team Games with Miss Stockton (Thursday) and circuit training with Miss Pickston (Tuesday).

Homework- Homework will consit of reading, spellings and timetable practice this half term. Reading books will be sent out as often as a child returns their current book. Please keep your childs book at home with you untill you are happy they are reading and understaning it fluenlty. once you are ready for the book to be changed please return to school with the signed reading record.

Spellings​Spellings are now up and running in year 2. The children will bring home thier new spellings each wednesday and will be tested on them the following Tuesday!

Timetables- Your child has now been introuduced to a range of times tables (2,5,and 10s). To support their practice of each times table your child has been set up on an account on Times Table Rockstars (TTRS)- login details have now been sent home. Please contact me if you need any support.

As part of your childs homework I will be asking that your child logs into their account and practince their 2,5,and 10s at least twice a week spending 15 minutes acessing the games provided.

After School Clubs - No after school clubs this half term.


​​Don't forget, we also have a class Facebook page (Weston Point Pickston  where you can keep up to date with important information. You can also view photos ​of your child busy enjoying their learning. If you are not yet on the Facebook page feel free to ask for a permission slip.


Phonics screening

This half term your child will complete the phonics screening test. Please see the powerpoint below for information about the Phonics screening test. 

Updated ppt for parents.pptx


​​Some useful websites


​Literacy ​ ​Numeracy ​Other

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Have fun with phonics here

Lots of games to pla​y!




'Guess the number'

using Splat Square


Science games
and activities

Lots of great e-Books to read
for FREE!


Whack-a-mole in steps of 2, 5 and 10





Top Marks Interactive games

BBC Bitesize Maths
games for Key Stage 1
stop the clock.JPG
Click here to play stop the clock! Stop the clock when it's on the correct time.

BBC Bitesize Maths
games for Key Stage 1


BBC Bitesize Maths
games for Key Stage 1





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Making amounts using
the exact coins