Friday 22nd January

Phonics -


Literacy – To find information -


Maths – Value of coins and notes -

Thursday 21st January

Phonics -

Literacy – Use capital letters and full stops -

Maths – Value of coins Part 2 -

Geography – What is Australia like? -

Wednesday 20th January

Phonics -

Literacy – To retell the main events of a story -

Maths – Value of different coins -

PSHE – Who am I? In this lesson children will explore friendships and what makes a good friend -

Tuesday 19th January

Phonics -

Literacy – To tell a story from memory -

Maths – Begin to name coins -

PE – Jungle exercise -

Monday 18th January

Phonics -

Literacy – Listen and respond to a story -

Maths – Number Patterns -

Science – Which animal families are invertebrates? -

Friday 15th January



Literacy – To use full stops -

Maths – Counting in twos, fives and tens -

PSHE  Catch it, bin it, kill it -

Thursday 14th January


Literacy – To explain steps in a process -

Maths – Counting in twos and tens -

Geography –What is Europe like? -

Wednesday 13th January

Phonics - Zoom lesson at 10:30

Literacy -


Tuesday 12th January


Literacy - To listen and respond to an explanation -

Maths – Comparing and ordering numbers within 50 -


Monday 11th January


Literacy - To link our reading to our own experiences -

Maths – Using place value with numbers to 50 -

Science – What is the difference between an invertebrate and a vertebrate? -

Friday 8th January


Literacy – Using capital letters for names -

Maths – Introducing place value -

Geography – What is a continent? -

Thursday 7th January


Literacy – To describe using senses -

Maths – Exploring tens and ones -

PSHE – Healthy hands are happy hands! -

Wednesday 6th January


Literacy – To tell a story from memory -

Maths – Grouping and counting in tens -


Tuesday 5th January 

Phonics - Literacy - Listen and respond to a story - Maths - Sequencing numbers to 50 - Science - What is a living thing? -


​​​​​​​Welcome to Year 1


​Class Teacher - Mr Pierce

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Hartley





This half term we are looking at traditional tales. We will be reading a range of stories from different countries.  We will be learning about the origins of traditional tales and the meanings and morals they teach. ​

We will also be creating animal fact files and writing poems about our bodies and senses.
We are currently focusing on phonics catch-up and recapping previous letters and sounds taught during reception.  

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This half term we are looking at counting to ten and number bonds to ten. ​Children will be learning to count up to ten and back down to zero. They will also learn to count objects and compare them using mathematical terms such as 'greater than', 'less than' and 'equal'.

We are also focusing on number recognition. We are helping children to identify different numbers and write them correctly. 


Our topic this half term is Super Duper Me!

Children will be learning  about lots of different things relating to themselves such as their bodies, how they work and how they are different to animals, their school and the places they live. 



​​Things to Remember

Wednesday is our PE day. Children should come to school in their PE kits until further notice. Kits consist of black shorts, a white t-shirt and black pumps.

Homework and spellings are given out on a Friday. Spellings are tested on a Thursday. We would appreciate it if homework and spellings could be back in school by Wednesday, so that homework can be marked and new homework can be put in ready for Friday. 

Reading Books
Children will take home a book chosen by the teacher. Please could you write a comment in your child's white reading diary once they have read to you. Reading books will be sent home on a Monday and should be returned to school on a Friday so they can be isolated.

Please could you write your child's name in all of their uniform and PE kits​. 


Phonics Play


​​Ask your child to show you their favourite games on phonics play. ​

Why don't you play together by clicking on the link below?

Click here - Phonics Play







Here are​​ lots of games and information about Literacy, Numeracy​​ and Science.

Have a go at exploring the games together by clicking the image below. 


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