​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​As a school, we have decided to utilise Oak National Academy: the online classroom made by teachers, for teachers. Oak Academy provides high-quality video lessons and resources are available throughout 2020/21. The internet has revolutionised the way we work, play, communicate, administrate and importantly, learn. The digital world has taken away almost all limits on education. No longer are we limited to learning what's available to us in a physical classroom. Access to a computer or a tablet/ smartphone enables us to tap into more information than we could possibly imagine. The internet hasn't just opened up unlimited research opportunities, it has allowed us to teach and learn in a comprehensive manner wherever we are in the world.

With an uncertain year ahead, Oak Academy can ease our remote and in-school learning. Of course, we still have our platform for sharing via Facebook and as class teachers, we will signpost you to specific work documents and utilise this. Last time we had a lockdown, work packs were readily available on request from school but also different teachers had different ways of doing things ie: some teachers had a Facebook group which allowed for the upload of documents and other teachers would email across documents. Whatever happens from now, we're here to support every parent, as they support every pupil, as always.  

For the marking of Oak academy work, please use the school email address provided on the Year 4 website page – this will allow you to send us work back or email over specific documents. If you are working and learning from home, we love to see and celebrate what you all are up to. In the event of a class/school lockdown, we will set at least 1 piece of English, 1 piece of Maths and 1 piece of topic work per day (this may include Science or work on our class topic which is currently the Rainforests) Work will be signposted via the class facebook page and directed towards the class page on the school website.

We have had great difficulty, as have most Halton schools, with our school website but we are now pleased to say it is fully up and running again and it has allowed for the posting of documents. As always, please stay in contact with us and if you have any questions in regards to the use of Oak academy – please do not hesitate to ask.  As always, I will respond to emails and messages sent via fb as soon as possible. Thanks for your continuing support and cooperation.

Miss Burgess

Below is the weekly  overview of each lesson with links to videos and the resources mentioned can be found under each subject heading.

 Week beginning 11th January Zoom session details on class Facebook page.​​​​​​

WEEK 18th Jan 4 Overview-2.doc

Year 4 weekly overview 5 WB 11th Jan.doc

Year 4 timetable Final update wb 5.1.2021-7.doc

Friday 22nd Jan Maths zoom @9.30 or use video clip ​ solving three 2-digit multiplication equations.

Friday 22nd Jan Literacy zoom @ 11 or read overview and use ppt. Literacy 22nd Jan Year 4-3.ppt

Friday 22nd Jan pm session - PE PE session with Joe​​​

Thursday 21st Jan Maths zoom @9.30 or use video clipDivison recap or OAK Division lesson​

Thursday 21st Jan Literacy Zoom @ 11AM or use​ Literacy 21st Jan Year 4-3.ppt

Thursday 21st Jan pm RE RE Islam video

Wednesday 20 th Maths Short division video​​​​

Wednesday 20th Literacy Please read p190-212 of the class text and then complete the video lesson Apostrophes video

Wedneday 20th pm Geography South America Human Geography video

Tuesday 19th Maths zoom @9.30 or use video clip Multiplication video​ ​Year 4 multiplication-and-division-word-problems.ppt

Tuesday 19th Literacy Zoom @ 11AM or use Tuesday 19th Jan Literacy Monologues.ppt

Tuesday 19th pm - Music Video linkMusic lesson 2

Monday 18th Maths Zoom @9.30 or use video clip Multiplication

Monday 18th  Literacy zoom @11.00 Monday 18th Jan Literacy Monologues.ppt

Monday 18th ​Science Melting and boiling points​

Friday  Maths zoom at 9.30 - if you can't attend, watch ​​Maths decimals video 

​Friday Literacy zoom at 11 am - All-About-Antonyms year 4.ppt
Friday pm -PE with Joe Wicks - PE Video Session​

Thursday Maths - Zoom session at 9.30 or use VIDEO Oak ACADEMY MULTI-STEP PROBLEM SOLVING

Thursday Literacy - ZOOM SESSION at 11 am - continuing to write police appeal - see powerpoint.year 4 police appeal Thursday.ppt

Thursday pm - Geography - South America video​

Maths  -   Maths Subtraction Video​​​

Literacy - year 4 police appeal 1.ppt

History Wed pm Video Link - Romans Lesson 1

Friday 22nd January

Thursday 21st January

Literacy 21st Jan Year 4.doc


Wednesday January 20th

Tuesday 19th January

Monologue Word Bank.doc

Monday 18th January


Friday 15th January
Year 4 synonyms and antonyms.doc

Thursday 14th January
Refer to weekly overview  and then the powerpoint below.
year 4 police appeal Thursday.ppt

Wednesday 13th January
year 4 police appeal.ppt

Tuesday 12th January

Literacy Tuesday 12th January.ppt
The Owl and The Pussycat Cursive Unlooped Activity Sheet.pdf

​Monday 11th January

Literacy Monday 11th January.ppt

Resources wb 5th Jan 2021

LKS2 New Year pack - highlights of 2020 worksheet.pdf
LKS2 New Year pack - recipe for a brilliant 2021.pdf
Instructions - 2021.pptx
Instructions - 2021 version 2.ppt

Wed 6 th Jan
Leisure KS2 Handwriting Poems.pdf
Jasper Wilderman - Literacy.doc
text -Jasper.pdf

Thursday 7th Jan
Synonyms year 4.ppt

Friday 8th Jan
Literacy Friday 8th Jan.ppt
LKS2 spooky characters - help sheet.pdfLKS2 spooky characters - character cards.pdf
LKS2 spooky characters - planning sheet.pdf
Friday 22nd January
To multiply three 1- digit numbers Year 4.doc

Thursday 21st January


Wednesday 20th January
Year 4 short division 20th Jan.docx

Tuesday 19th January
Year 4 multiplication problems - 1 step.doc

Monday 18th January

short multiplication set A.pdf
short multiplication set B.pdf

Friday 15th January
Year 4 adding subtracting decimals.doc

Thursday 14th January
Year 4 - 2 step word problems.docx

Wednesday 13th January
Year 4 subtraction and word problems.doc

Tuesday 12th January
3-digit subtraction Year 4.docx

Monday 11th January

column_addition questions year 4.doc

​Resources wb 5th Jan 2021

multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000 Year 4.doc

Wed 6th Jan
Dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.doc

Thursday 7th Jan
Capacity Year 4.docx

Friday 8th Jan
Mass Year 4.doc
Lesson Presentation Calculating Mass - Year 4.ppt


Monday 18th January


Monday 11th January

science-ks2-lesson-sci-states of matter.pdf

Tue 5th Jan 

​​How do particles behave inside solids.docx

Thursday 7th Jan


Friday 22nd January

Thursday 21st January

Wednesday 20th January


Tuesday 19th January


Friday 15th January
Click PE video session above.

Thursday 14th January
Click the South America video link above this table.

Wednesday 13th January

Tuesday 12th January 


Wed 6th Jan- PSHE

t2-t-10000271-Community coat of arms.pdf

Friday 8th Jan 
PE - see links above and description in timetable.